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VisionAir - TRX450R V5 Carbon Fiber Intake Kit:  Introducing the revolutionary V5 Intake system for the TRX450r!  Featuring a 100% Carbon...

  Honda TRX450R  2004 to 2005 Intake System Includes: Transition Ring Outerwear 8 ply filter Rubber Booty for stock...

Key Features   • More Power – Smoother Power • Pre Programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Ignition maps  (changed by adjustable...

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Quickshot 2 Accelerator Pump fills the pump chamber with fuel, and provides instant fuel delivery, eliminating hesitation and bog.

DynoJet offers a wide range of kits to fit any application. Several jets come in each kit can be applied to your specific needs. Whether your running an...

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Product Overview Available for most Harley-Davidson, Sportbike, Metric Cruiser, and Off Road vehicles, the New Dynatek Fusion EFI uses RPM and throttle...

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Superior strength with long 9.5" wrist-coverage. Each glove has a beaded cuff for easy donning. Fully textured exterior surface for improved wet or dry grip....

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Stock accelerator pump covers permit only a 60% - 70% fuel charge in the pump chamber. Turn the throttle and air trapped in the chamber is compressed...

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Hot engine starting is no longer a problem for all Keihin FCR Carbs. The patented performance of the proven quickshot system, now with adjustable leak jet...

The least restrictive filter element you can buy. K&N Filters have won more Baja races than all others combined . If your concerned about dust and mud build...

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Boyesen Power Wing Highlights: INCREASES horsepower and torque in 2-stroke, 4-stroke and 85cc engines AERODYNAMIC design maximizes velocity...