DMC AfterBurner Comp Full Exhaust

The words "Power" and "Performance" are often overused. Although they summarize what you want out of an exhaust, maybe other words like "Awesome" and "Incredible should come into the mix. Whether your ATV is your hobby or your life, you want the most out of it. DMC Exhaust are designed , developed, and tested for each atv to deliver on that awesome factor. These systems have been race hardened by National champions around the world over and deliver on the promise of performance.
After I installed the DMC exhaust, I noticed a huge rattling sound coming from the system. there is a noticable gap from the header pipe to the tip that just rattles and leaks exhaust and pisses me off. After the first trip to Glamis dunes, two of the tip springs that came with the system broke and DMC wants to charge more money for them and then told me that there is no propblem with the gap on the exhaust, (it was normal) NOT!. I would never buy this sytem again, infact if they only gave me my money back i would be greatful so I can buy a real exhaust system. even the sound is hallow and tiny, NOT deep and throaty. maybe I just got sold one of the scraps they knew were defective.
Great exhaust. The quality that DMC puts into their pipes is great, easy to repack, looks great, and performs well. There was definitely a noticeable gain across the RPM range. Will definitely recommend DMC and KBmotorsports to all of my riding buddies. Thanks!!
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