DMC 2-Stroke Full Exhaust

25466-00; 25464-00; 25465-00

DMC 916 Banshee Features:
The same great 916 System packs massive horspeower and torque increases over a wide RPM range without sacraficing one for the other. The design of the dual outlet ports on the muffler deliver sound unlike anything you've ever heard.The DMC 916 System works awesome on stock or modified engines. It's a completely unique and original style with easy access to fuel shut off and choke lever. Machined flanges uses o-rings for zero leaking or rattling

DMC Alien Banshee Features:
The Banshee Alien just got updated with this new optional black anodized finish. The new Banshee Alien with anodized mufflers and black endcaps are a complete system that features 2 standard chrome plated expansion chambers, midpipes, and mufflers. This system delivers a massive 37% gain in horsepower, 30% gain in torque, and a weight savings of 14.9 pounds compared to stock! This is unbelievable smooth and controllable power band the delivers from bottom to top.

DMC Blaster Full Exhaust Features:
The newly coated black anodized Blaster exhaust system adds up to 25% increase in horsepower and a 20% increase in torque. The power and smooth delivery improves the overall Blaster experience.  The system features a chrome plated expansion chamber and an extruded and anodized Alien muffler that's rebuildable in minutes. DMC uses the highest quality packing material for maximum life and maximum noise reduction.


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