Dasa Racing Full Exhaust

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Not available for 99DB DASA's
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All Dasa exhaust systems are handmade in the USA! The quality stands out with perfect tig welds, trick billet end cap, billet canister mount, and a thick flange. The end caps easily unbolt for cansiter repacking when it's time to service. These systems has been proven on the dyno/track to make HP throughout the entire power curve. This is a multi-step, stainless steel exhaust system that includes a head pipe, mid pipe, and an exhaust canister. This exhaust system was used on several machines with countless national motocross victories, four stroke wars wins, AMA and ATVA championships. Optional Quiet Core is available for the Classic model and is sold separately. Spark Arrestor is included with the classic models only.

The AMA Edition system utilizes a chamber on top of the header with an all new stepped inner core to meet the AMA db limit of 96db. The AMA Edition only comes with polished canister and your choice of logo color. You have a choice between a brush or black end cap with the AMA edition. Only available for the YFZ/TRX models at this time.

I just wanted to give you guys a HUGE thank you for the last minute shipment of the dasa, it showed up a day early, with all the hardware, mounted easy and sounds great. It's nice to know there is a company out there who still gives a crap. means a lot to people like me. You will be getting 100% of my buisness on anything you guys offer on any of my 3 bikes.
Love my dasa, have had it about a year now. Went from stock to a dmc slip on to the dasa system. Huge power gain for a exauhst.It has thick sturdy mounts. let alone the sweet bad ass sound. I have it on my kfx 450. The only better aftermarket peice I have added is the fuel customs intake.
Great power gain and awesome sound! I have two LTR450s with the Dasa Classic Exhaust on them; they both have about 10 to 15 hrs with the new exhaust, and everything has been great!
Installed on my 08 KFX450r, and the power was huge, and sound is great. A little on the loud side, but I like it that way. Fitment was perfect, and it seems to be very high quality. Have been running it for a year with no issues.
Good gains, awsome sound, but poor quality!! I ran my 99dB model Dasa for about 3 months and it fell apart. The Allen bolts worked themselves out, the tack welds on the spark arrestor broke off which caused the packing to blow out, and of course the sticker burnt off! And I barely use my quad...and to top it all off Dasa wouldn't do anything about it, not even send me a new sticker.
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