Precision Shock & Vibe Handlebar Clamps

*Includes plate

The Shock & Vibe Clamp’s travel is shown in the picture above: Normal, Push and Pulling on the handlebar.

The Shock & Vibe acts as suspension for your handlebars. The Quad's frame moves up and down and pitches left to right while the bars are suspended by the Shock & Vibe Clamp. This gives the feel, from the rider’s perspective, that the bars are not moving, but are staying parallel to the course. Without the bars being jerked, the quad's movement is felt in the foot-pegs as the quad kicks left to right. This allows the rider to keep balance and position over the quad by just lifting a leg as the peg rises. The Shock & Vibe System can be used with most stock or after market stems. Precision's tests indicate a reduction of vibration to the handlebars of over 300% compared to an Anti-Vibe stem alone. The system can be used in conjunction with an antivibe stem for an even greater reduction of vibration. Adjusting the spring preload is as easy as adding or removing shims from the preload cap.

*Handlebars shown in the photo are not included in the price.




Best investment so far for my quad, I went on a trip to ky to ride the mountains right after I installed. During the ride there was a few spots I thought I was Gona get the bars jerked hard, but it rolled rightover it.
I'm only running the clamps on stock bars and stem and I can still feel its 100 x better.

Kbmotorsports is a great business, ordered parts, got em fast, no problems at all. Thanks k.b.
Night and Day difference after 20mins of riding. No more arm pump!! I bought these clamps at the same time I got a houser +2 stem with the anti vibe rubbers, and all I have to say is wow. You wouldn't think it would make that big of a difference but it does. You can ride all day and not kill your arms.
I highly recommend these clamps, you do notice them while your riding but in a good way. Combine these with the precision stabilizer and you will have a safe and comfortable steering set-up. Its always a pleasure ordering from Kenneth here at KB motorsports. Ive always felt like a valued customer with them
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