MAKO 360 Clamp

Requires 11/8" oversize handlebars

The MAKO 360 clamp from XC Gear is a revolutionary, “game-changing” way to mount handlebars on a motorcycle or ATV. The MAKO 360 allows cushioned travel in any direction or angle to which force is applied to the handlebars. In other words, it provides significant additional dampening in 360 degrees. The dampening is not mechanically limited to a single plane. It dampens in every direction, which provides a level of comfort like nothing before it. The MAKO 360 also eliminates any “metal to metal” contact between the handlebars and the rest of the unit producing greatly reduced vibration to the rider’s hands. While all Quads / Motorcycles  vibrate; some vibrate more than others. The MAKO 360 engineered polymers absorbing the vibration, riders will have substantially less grip issues, arm pump issues and overall fatigue. The result is higher energy levels on all rides, whether they are long or short. The added comfort will allow you to hit obstacles harder and faster, which means you can adjust your suspension more aggressively to get more out of your ride and yourself.


-Fits Houser, Lonestar, Walsh and similar aftermarket steering stems with 100mm perch bolt spread.
-Also fits YFZ450R 09-2020 & TRX450R 04-2014 using OEM Stems
-Compatible with all 1 1/8" oversize handlebars

Review Highlights:

“As both a doctor and racer I am always interested in ways to prevent and control injuries. I got to see XC Gear products at the ISDE and asked to try them out.I am extremely impressed with their ability to control vibration. The clamps and pegs absorb micro impacts that over a long moto or ride that add up to less fatigue and strain on the joints. My wrist and elbows felt much less sore than usual and I was already using another ‘flexible’ handlebar. I am not putting down this other bar at all, and I appreciate how that bar had helped me, but this MAKO clamp absorbs inpacts in all directions, not just up and down. I was already impressed but my second ride was the tight 71-mile rock-based ‘Moonshine Enduro’ in Pennsylvania and it was with these repetitive impacts that I really started to notice how much the clamps and pegs helped. I could relax my hands on the grips knowing they would take some of the impact for me.I cannot tell you how much I endorse these clamps and pegs. If you ride or race, you owe it to yourself to get these products. Your joints will thank you.” - Dr. James McGee (MDBoard Certified Emergency MedicineTeam Physician for the AMA ISDE TeamMedical Director for MX Sports)

"Hey guys I’ve been hiding something under my bar pad that is a absolute game changer! @xcgear17 MAKO360 bar clamp. So why the change? Well it prevents you from bending steering stems as easy when flipping, it absorbs every root, rock, and any jar to that translates to your hands, wrist, you name it! Helps keep your bars more steady in corners as well as reduce fatigue, all vibration in your bars, and arm pump all while giving you the same feel of a solid mounted bar! Why sacrifice your bars you already have just to buy another set that only gives you 1 of the benefits listed above?"  - Cole Richardson 1/09/2018 (Aboard the N-Fab AmPro Yamaha Factory Racing Team in the GNCC series; 2x ProAm class Champion; Professional ATV Athlete)

"It’s a anti Vibe clamp, gives you 360 degrees of flex, while still feeling like a solid bar! Hit a tree no problem the elastomers that go around the bar will absorb the majority of the impact! Also you know what that means?! When you wreck it’ll also help reduce the risk of bending stems, reducing wrist injuries, as well as arm pump, fatigue, you name it it’ll provide it! Don’t just by a bar that only gives you one direction of flex and no other benefits when you can simply by a clamp that does it all and tons more!" - Cole Richardson 1/22/18 ((Aboard the N-Fab AmPro Yamaha Factory Racing Team in the GNCC series;  2x ProAm class Champion; Professional ATV Athlete)

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