Precision Stabilizers


The Precision Stabilizer mounts low, safely tucked behind the bumper at the proper geometry. You can run a stock or after market steering stems. This unit will not affect your handle bar height or position

Who needs this revolutionary new product?

  • Anyone who rides hard
  • Anyone that needs stability
  • Anyone who wants an edge
  • Anyone who needs to go to work on Monday

Why run a Precision?

  • Performance
  • Fewer Injuries
  • Quality
  • Adjustability
  • Impact Damping
  • Superior Mounting
  • Reliability
  • Adjustable Steering Zones
Amazing product...everything i hit i cannot feel in the handling is much better aswell...great stamina boost also...AMAZING product..!
Been with sticks for ever. Never though this was worth it. Finally got convinced to get one and i kick my self every time i ride for not getting one sooner. absolutely amazing.
I bought this stabilizer nearly 1.5 years ago.. I did my first XC Race this past summer, all I can say is.. This thing seriously saved my butt. The rocks/stumps/ruts that I hit were no match for the precision. When I buy another quad. This will be one of my first upgrades no doubt about it!
I've owned stick dampers and the precision all i can say is i will never own a quad without a precision ever again amazing product
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