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Precision Pro Stabilizers

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New “Pro” Model Precision Stabilizer just like the original model, the Pro model has:

  • Separately controlled damping for going straight and turning
  • Rock solid mounting with proper mounting geometry
  • The ability to absorb thousands of pounds of pressure


· Internal reservoir that allows for thermal expansion with oil filtration and a high speed valve: This feature can increase damping
by over 100% when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

· New stem clamp with less weight and easier installation

· Stronger linkage with improved seals

· Gaskets around the adjuster for added protection

· New lever arm with higher grip forces

· New sleeker housing

The Precision Pro Stabilizer is a must have for the track or woods. Thanks KB
I've had this stabilizer over a year. This is one of the best purchases I have made for my quad. I wish it would have been the first purchase and not the last. It is durable and easy to install and takes the arm fatigue out of all day riding. It is by far the best addition to sand riding. Now I don't need that 12 pack of Redbull in my Camalback to keep me riding all day, thanks to my Precision Stabilizer. Also like to thank KB motosports for having the best service and price on these units.
the instillation was pretty straight forward and after searching around for a while I decided to go with this. I haven't got it quite dialed in yet, but I'm getting there. The directions aren't the best but if you take a step back and look at whats going on you'll be able to find the correct process. Overall highly recommended.
Precision is without argument the best stabilizer available, and the Pro model features zero fade and improved linkage.
Precision is hands down the best stabilizer made. It has the widest range of usable adjustment, and more importantly it works
And the new Pro model is even better, featuring zero fade at operating temperatures.
i have used the stick type and rode quads with similar type dampeners and this is hands down the best one on the market.very simple install and set up
I've owned stick dampers and the precision all i can say is i will never own a quad without a precision ever again amazing product
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