Walsh Race Craft & Fox Floats X Evol Long Travel Kit


The ultra-lightweight new Factory Series FLOAT® 3 EVOL RC2™ offers infinite adjust ability, dual stage air springs, a dual speed compression adjuster, a wide range rebound adjuster, and velocity sensitive damping controls that give you the best possible front end traction and steering performance in every conceivable terrain condition. Once again Fox updated and refined the performance and appearance, reduced friction and heat through the use of Kashima coat, revised damping pistons, and performance altered internal features to provide a more robust, better performing and smoother running, highly adjustable overall package. Forget about heavy springs and running out of adjuster range -- the FLOAT® 3 EVOL RC2™ offers a huge range of adjustments allows you to set it up for anything from Race, Trail, or Dunes. Tested and developed by the world's best athletes and race teams, the FLOAT® 3 EVOL RC2™ makes countless championships and podiums an easier goal to hit. Redefine your limits by following in its tracks.

  • Samurai sealing system (SSS)
  • Velocity sensitive damping control
  • Made from hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Chrome silicon negative spring
  • Internal floating piston (IFP)
  • Infinite progressive spring rate
  • Easily adjust from a soft trail ride to a firm sport ride
  • Air pressure is infinitely adjustable anywhere from 50 psi to 300 psi, making the float the most progressive and adjustable air shock on the market
  • No springs attached and no tools needed to change plushness
  • Patented air sleeve design allows you to easily adjust the air pressure in the shock
  • Roughly Shaves about 6 lbs vs a conventional shock
  • Requires less rebuilds due to the shaft seals that are never exposed to the outside environment
  • Kashima Coated

Package Includes :

  • Complete Walsh A-arm Assembly 
  • Pair of Front Fox X Evols