Lone Star Racing DC-Pro And Motowoz Long Travel Kit


Lone Star Racing DC-Pro A-Arms have been designed to be lighter and stronger than the DC-4 Pro. The DC-Pro features a cup style lower ball joint, a easy camber upper ball joint, aluminum / steel heim joint combo on the upper arms to adjust caster and a com bearing / needle bearing lower a-arm setup to reduce the amount of resistance throughout the travel and use a longer shock with improved leverage ratio's for improved handling. Lone Star a-arms are backed by a lifetime warranty!

MOTOWOZ shock bodies begin with high-quality, honed hydraulic cylinder tubing that is CNC machined. These bodies are then polished and plated for full protection and a superior look from the elements. The fully threaded bodies allow for infinite adjustability, while also utilizing “Stub Acme” threads, which are very resilient to damage. Aircraft quality aluminum billet parts are used throughout each MOTOWOZ shock. High-quality material and precision manufacturing makes MOTOWOZ components incredibly strong compared to some competitors’ stamped or casted parts. MOTOWOZ utilizes heavy-duty, alloy over-sized shafts of 5/8 of an inch. All shafts are ground and hard chromed to military specifications. This type of plating is extremely durable and provides a smooth surface for the seals to ride on—extending the life of the seal. Seal technology – Ask anyone. Just about every ATV racer has “blown” a aftermarket shock in the middle of a race. Once a shock seal fails, the oil gets out, and the ATV becomes all but impossible to ride. That’s why MOTOWOZ developed a triple seal system. All MOTOWOZ shocks utilize two different types of shaft seals protected by a third seal that acts as a scraper to shield the sealing surfaces. MOTOWOZ has also addressed the common problem of overheating that many aftermarket shocks suffer. When shocks overheat the heat decreases ride quality by allowing the shock to fade During extreme use, a shock’s temperature increases nearly 200 degrees above that of the initial temperature. As oil temperature increases, viscosity decreases creating a completely different functioning shock. MOTOWOZ tackled these problems in the design stage. By choosing the correct oil and seal types, MOTOWOZ offers a product that is extremely fade-free and consistent. Many riders are familiar with compression and rebound adjustments. They are often called “clickers” (sometimes it seems all they do is click on certain brands). On many aftermarket ATV shocks, compression and rebound adjusters offer very little of an adjustment, making it difficult to tell the difference between the hardest and softest settings. In contrast, MOTOWOZ compression and rebound adjusters actually make noticeable internal adjustments. These adjustments affect the rate of oil flow in the shock through the compression and rebound strokes. Both adjusters also work in conjunction with relief valves that make them velocity sensitive. These compression and rebound adjusters, along with the MOTOWOZ spring cross-over rings, make for an unbeatable racing combination.

Package Includes:

LSR DC-Pro A-Arms
Ball Joints
Tie Rods
Motowoz Compression & Rebound Front Shocks


Brake Lines
Lone Star Pro Axcailber Axle
RPM Dominator II Axle
Motowoz Compression & Rebound Rear Shock

A-Arm Specs:

2004-2005 Honda TRX450R DC-PRO
+2.25" wider and .28" forward placement.

2004-2012 Carburated YFZ450 DC-PRO
+2" wider and .0" forward placement.
18 1/4 LENGTH
SLR: 1.9 TO 1

2006-2012 Yamaha Raptor 700
+2" wider and .0" forward placement.
18 1/4 LENGTH
SLR: 1.9 TO 1

Suzuki LTR450 DC-PRO (All Years)
+1.125" wider and .0" forward placement.
18 3/4" LONG
2.13 TO 1

Kawasaki KFX450 DC-PRO (All Years)
+2" wider and .0" forward placement.
LENGTH: 19.375
SLR: 2.11:1
1.5 GC WITH 20" TIRE

Motowoz are the only way to go when it comes to shocks. I know the owner and he is always available for questions on tuning of the shocks. Me and my buddies have been using Motowoz since they came out. Best in the business...period!
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