Desert Molding Concepts Air Filter

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Desert Molding Concepts, Inc. entered into a development program with R2C Performance Products with the goal of bringing the most efficient high quality filter to the RZR market. If you are not familiar with R2C, you soon will be. R2C has quietly been making in roads to the off road arena working directly with race teams to develop a highly efficient low restriction dry filter element that is nothing short of amazing. Not only is it amazing it is also completely serviceable, so it could quite possibly be the last filter you ever buy for you ride. Results of testing the factory XP1000 air filter proved an efficiency of only 98%. In comparison the R2C exceeds 99.97% this is even more efficient than what is currently being offered to the off road industry by any other company (That's Huge!). The parent company to R2C has a 65 year history of severe duty filtration in several arenas including the military. This extensive knowledge is now being applied to motorsports with phenomenal result.
1. Engine protection is unmatched by any other filter currently being offered
2. Designed to shed dust cake while in use, (which mitigates restriction rise)
3. Excellent initial restriction performance
3. Dry element with no messy cleaning or oiling  
4. Completely serviceable
After DMC's oberservation of the stock air filter and box their were two concerns that needed to be address to increase reliability. The stock air filter is a slip fit radial seal design much like you would see for an on road application,( not great for an off road application). We added a large flange and clamping surface to the R2C filter for a positive connection to the intake tube.
The XP 1000 stock air filter is completely dependent on the lid of the air box to keep it in place. The clamps for the air box lid are weak at best, easy to bend out of shape and if not installed correctly can cause a potential problem, lose the lid and you lose the filter. DMC added a stud to the end of the filter much like you see on ATV's to positively support the end of the filter and completely eliminate the possibility of the filter being dislodged, (even if the lid is lost).
Took a little longer than I expected to arrive but fitment was easy and I like the stabilizer at the rear of the filter. Hope it works as advertised but so far so good. Looks like quality products were used in it's construction and as long as you keep putting quality materials into your products I will keep buying them. I would be interested in a catalog or something showing all of your products. Keep thinking outside the box!
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