Rekluse YXZ1000 TorqDrive



TorqDrive for YXZ1000 delivers unprecedented performance, tuning, and durability for all models. Our innovative clutch disk technology allows us to put more disks into the clutch pack, which means you get more torque transferred to the rear wheels.

TorqDrive provides 5 additional friction disks over stock. More frictions = more torque capacity, thus unlocking the full power of your engine. For added tuning and performance, a coil spring pressure plate is included along with two sets of springs to upgrade the clutch from the stock diaphragm spring. The TorqDrive clutch pack, coupled with the coil spring pressure plate, provides a significant step up in performance delivering improved throttle control and more positive clutch engagement and drive.


  • – Billet coil spring pressure plate


  • – 16 friction disk pack for both R and SS
  • – Converts clutch to coil springs for improved performance
  • – Two sets of springs included
  • – Improved pedal modulation range for R models
  • – Designed to withstand highly modified motors
  • – Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching

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