DMC Power Chip

The DMC Power Chip clips into the LT-R450 diagnostic plug and increases the RPM ceiling by 1000 RPM. It also reduces the stock fuel map restrictions to maximize engine performance. The DMC Power Chip is a simple plug in module that takes less than 2 minutes to install. The DMC Power Chip is one integrated module, which is truly plug and play, no wires to break, no floppy base unit to mount, no zip ties required. Horsepower gains of 7 hp or more may be achieved with the airbox lid removed, a DMC slip-on exhaust and the DMC Power Chip installed. When used with a complete DMC exhaust system, the performance gains are even more exceptional. This DMC Power Chip will also work in combination with the DMC EFI Control Unit for serious LT-R 450 tuners that needs additional adjustability to extract the maximum power.

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