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HMF Competition Series Slip-On Exhaust

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The new HMF Competition Series features the all new TriMax Core. The entire purpose of the TriMax Core is to allow the rider to dictate the type of power and sound that they need, when they need it. The Trimax Core will feature 3 stages of power and sound. Stage 1 uses an insert that restricts sound levels extensively yet produces industry leading power at the approved dB level. Stage 2 uses a different sound altering insert that partially lowers dB sound levels without losing the power increase gained in Stage 3. Stage 3 acts as an unrestricted core producing high dB levels with industry leading power throughout the entire RPM range.

I have a 2008 KFX450 and I am also very pleased with the performance and sound this pipe puts out. HMF really hit it hard with this one!!
I have a 2005 YFZ 450 and I purchased the HMF competition series slip-on. I am extremely please with its performance and esp the deep solid sound that the pipe puts out. I have rode with many other different brand pipes and everyone ALWAYS compliments on the way mine sounds
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