Barkers Dual Inframe Exhaust


If you're attempting to dominate a hill, thrash dunes, or fly down the straight-away with the throttle wide open and your heart thumping at the same rate as your engine's rpm, a little extra horsepower can make all the difference. Whatever the application, Barker has an exhaust systems that is known to provide performance on the dyno and during competition. Comes with all necessary hardware. ***Raptor 660 is an out of frame exhaust not in-frame***

I researched the best power for my application ( 700 Raptor ) and these came up for peformance. I couldn't wait to get them and see for myself... Wow what a difference! They came well packed and a great looking finish. The sound is awesome , a deep throaty sound. Ease of instalation , I was riding in about 40 min. Love them and would recomend these to anyone looking for power, sound and finish. GREAT PRODUCT :)
KBM was very helpful, and informative when I placed my order of rthe Barker Duals. I got them straight from Mr. Tim Barker's facility, because I special ordered the red badges. The overall experience and shipment process was 110% EXCELLENT. Kenneth really knows his stuff! The install was easy as Sunday morning, and with the FCI upgrade and a Power Commander, the exhaust sounded awesome. These duals make a world of difference, sound better, and look awesome! Thanks KBM!
just installed my barkers, pc5, and my FCI intake. sounds great, runs strong. very impressed with the service i have got with kb motorsports. highly recommend getting your products from kb motorsports.
Love this exhaust. Turns heads everywhere i go, Loud very Loud and love it, part of my big 3 upgrade and well worth every penny.
After waiting for nearly three weeks to have my tips anodized to match the billet clamps (blue), I finally installed my Barkers. Unfortunately, my tips never did get anodized due to poor management at the metal finishing company I was dealing with. They will be done within the next month, though. As for the system itself, I can't believe I even considered another set up! The install was a snap and I had absolutely no clearance issues at all. I still have plenty of room on each side of the bike where the headpipes are located. The left side was a little difficult, byt you just have to play with it a little to get the headpipe in just right. The only complaint I have is that the springs rattle while I'm riding, but nothing a little heat shrink can't fix I'm sure. The fit and finish of the system is amazing. I have the black cans and they are sexy! Coupled with my PC5 and ProDesign intake, the performance gains are phenominal to say the least. A word to the wise, though. If you ride in a sound-sensitive area, spend the money and order the quiet cores. This system is NOT for the faint at heart when it comes to sound. It is quite loud. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my decision to spend the money on the Barker duals. A decision I would EASILY make a thousand times over!
If there is ANY miniscule chance that you in some time in the future want duals.. Save yourself the time and trouble.. Upgrade now.. They are TOTALLY worth it.. Quality is top notch. And tim barker is the MAN!!!!
I full resisted the thought of spending the money on dual exhaust at first. Allot of good single exhausts sold here at KB moptorsports will keep pace with any dual system. The diffrences is that when your modifications go beyond just the intake, FI controller and exhaust (Like an aftermarket cam) the Barker dual exhaust well out preforms a single exhaust by several HP in the higher RPMs.
There is no better looking exhaust system for the 700 Raptor, the sound is deep and throaty, but if you are required or prefer a quiter exhaust the quiet core option will meet or be below any requirements for noise (near stock, but throatier).

Biggest inprovement from stock??? Topend is amazing, I ride at 8000ft in CO and the top end up here,even with the lower HP output becuase of thin air is incredible.

This is a great system, and I would buy them again in a heartbeat

Thanks Ken!!!!

Just installed the Barker Dual In-Frame Exhaust System on my '09 Raptor 700R SE
First impression:
Upon opening the box, I saw the the exhaust is very well packed to prevent any damage from shipping. Opening each piece ( 4 total ) I saw the the exhaust is very solid and well made. I looked at each piece, each weld, rivet, screw, all the details. Everything looked great. Very please with the craftsmanship.

Well this was a total different story. For the sake of performance, the maker sacrificed clearance. There is a hair of clearance on each side by the frame where the exhaust pipes rout to the rear. Another down side was having to remove one of the studs on the engine to be able to slide the head pipe in. Again because of the size of the piping, not enough clearance to be able to rotate the pipe and slide in place to bold on. The brackets for the canisters are made out of billet aluminum. Very hard to slide in place without scratching the cans, but it is doable. The install took about and hour to complete.

Well the sound of these pipes is very unique. I have heard a few duals and they sound completely different than these. The Barker system has a very deep throaty sound. Since I purchase the system with the quiet cores already installed I am very please to say that they are not very loud. Very pleased with the sound and tone of the exhaust.

The finish of all the parts is second to none. The head tube have head shields so your pants don't melt. The billet brackets that hold the cans look great and come in a few different colors. The finish of the body of the cans are awesome. Very nice and clean. Late but not least the exhaust tips are very nice. Not just a round tip but they are cnc milled with great detail to separate themselves from the rest of the exhaust market.

Overall I am very pleased with the system. Besides the complicated install I would buy another if I had another quad. Everything looks and sounds great. Really changed the look of the bike.

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