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Rekluse Z-Start Pro

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The z-Start Pro offers unique benefits as a high-end complement to Rekluse’s industry-leading z-Start Clutch. The z-Start Pro offers features which directly benefit pro-level riders, motocross riders, and any ATV rider looking for the highest level of clutch performance, including:

  • Perfect override through the entire RPM range
  • Smoother engagement with more consistent clamping force
  • Billet aluminum center clutch maximizes clutch performance and increases durability
  • Simple installation without mounting shims
  • Minimal maintenance required

The Rekluse z-Start Pro Clutch is an automatic clutch that simply replaces your stock pressure plate. Control the bike by simply turning the throttle. The z-Start Pro Clutch eliminates stalling, improves traction, reduces arm pump, improves starts, increases corner speed, and puts more power to the ground in the most demanding situations. Whether you're a beginning trail rider or experienced off-road competitor, you can benefit from the industry-leading z-Start Clutch.

I had great service! And great help and will buy from y'all again, I just thought that y'all had them in stock, but still had to wait almost a whole week. And I was under the assumption that it would be there in a couple of days. But over all I had a good experience! Thanks for all the help!
This little guy is the best mod you can do to a quad for technical trail riding. I dont think I could finish a 2 hour XC race if I didnt have this beautiful little guy. It lets you focus on riding and not stalling which seems to make me so much faster that I wouldn't need to worry about stalling anyway :)
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