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Rekluse RadiusCX 4.0

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RadiusCX 4.0 is the complete package of auto clutch functionality, improved power delivery, and upgraded durability. RadiusCX kits include Rekluse’s next-generation EXP 4.0 auto clutch disk, billet aluminum inner hub and pressure plate Core components, TorqDrive friction disk technology, plus a clutch cover top it off. TorqDrive disks and EXP 4.0 provide stronger power delivery and a more reliable, responsive clutch modulation. Rekluse’s billet Core components help keep the clutch cooler and resist wear with improved oil flow and hard anodized coatings, plus provide an improved, consistent lever feel. Also provided with basket sleeves to prevent clutch non-damaged baskets from notching, the RadiusCX is the ultimate performance auto clutch kit that can be setup to fit almost any rider’s preferences.


  • – EXP 4.0 (auto clutch)
  • – TorqDrive® (clutch pack)
  • – Core (machined billet awesomeness)
  • – Rekluse clutch cover


  • – Better starts, carry more speed, focus on the line and not on the clutch
  • – Perfect power delivery every time
  • – Maintain momentum. Use the torque of your motor without worrying about stalling
  • – Increased power transfer over OEM
  • – Fully tunable to suit rider and/or terrain
  • – Optimized pressure plate design provides our best lever feel; consistent control and behavior
  • – Core components deliver improved oil flow and stability over wide temperature ranges
  • – TorqDrive clutch pack provides longer clutch life with less adjustment over time
  • – Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching
  • – Eliminates stalling, start and stop without engaging the clutch lever
  • – On the fly external adjustment
  • – Allows riders to run a gear taller, letting the suspension work better and saving energy
  • – Retains full, normal use of the clutch lever to fully override the auto functionality at any time

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