38 Motorsports Breather Box

38M's Breather Box replaces your stock box that leaks and/or doesn't work well, or the ltr or aftermarket breathers that are just in the way. As with everything 38m's offer they have been tested extensively, these things work! They work well with large or OEM fuel tanks. As shown in the photos it mounts below the dash panel, tucked out of the way. They are lightweight, hidden, and small. You can install it and forget it, knowing that it will keep the oil in your engine where it belongs. 38M recommends that 2014+ owners to purcahse the AIS block off for easier installation.   

Optional Components:

-38M's tip over sensor bypass plug is for removing your pesky stock tip over sensor. Plug and play.
-38 Motorsports billet speed sensor block off plug. Cleans up your engine bay by removing the unnecessary speed sensor.


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