Edge Series LED Light Bars


Rigid Industries LED lightbars provide brilliant lighting solutions for all your recreational rides. LED provie high output with very little electrical draw, making them a perfect choice for most applications. LED lights do not burn out like traditional bulbs, so you can ride worry free without the concern of bulb replacement. Edge series ED lightbars give you the brightest and most efficient light available anywhere. They're fully dimmable have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, and require no warm up time. Each bar is 3" tall and is designed for easy integration for grilles, bumpers , rooftops , and roll cages. Each aluminum houseing is lightweight, but strong with every ten inch segment only weighing 3 pounds. Each ten-inch segment is 38 watts with 3.3 amp draq at 12 volts.

  • Edge Series Wire Harness Included
  • Additional mounting clamps required (See Options)
  • Each bar is 3" tall

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