Motowoz Size Zero Stabilizer


The use of similar aircraft materials throughout, allows the Motowoz damper to expand and contract at the same rate for minimum fade under high heat conditions. The damping area is 50% larger than other leading brands allowing the rider to lower the resistance levels to decrease fatigue which makes the steering feel more natural.  The damper uses a patent pending through vane adjustment. This is where the oil is metered down inside the damping vane.  This is done through precision needle style adjuster found in most shock absorber applications and isn’t found on competing stabilizers. The needle adjuster increases or decreases flow in a smooth manner for a precise setting. Also by having the adjuster in the vane, it allows the damper unit to be very compact and is very similar in size to the competition even though they have a 50% larger damping area.  Motowoz calls this “size zero” packaging.  

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