Fasstco Flexx Bars

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production.
Here's the quick low-down:
Comes Standard with a silver bar pad
      • Adjustable rise; customize your bar bend to fit you.
      • Full size bike handlebars are 32” wide.
      • Mini bike (50's,65's,80's) handlebar is 29" wide.
      • Quad handlebar is 31" wide.
      • We have 14 degree 15 degree, and 12 degree sweeps.
      • 14 degree is close to a stock Yamaha, and stock 2003 Honda bend.
      • 12 degree is slightly less sweep than the 14 degree bar.
      • Interchangeable elastomers to fit your riding style (soft, med, hard and stiff). All bars are shipped with medium, hard and stiff except mini's; they ship with soft, medium and hard.
      • Absorbs most vibration!
      • Ride longer and harder.
      • Reduce arm pump and hand fatigue.
      • Braking bumps and hard landings become less of an issue.
Fasstco bars are worth the money. Very nice.
A great product, great fit and great finish. Having 2 bad shoulders, these bars help take the vibration out so I can ride longer. Recommend
In the past I always thought something like this would be a waste of money. But after my thumb nail practically got peeled back and ripped off by the throttle from the bars being jarred, I decided to give them a try.
Now I'd never own a quad with out them, they absorb all of the harsh jarring that hurts your wrists and gives you blisters.
I am able to take long rides without nearly as much arm pump as before with these bars.
this is another product that is well worth the money performs great
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