Motowoz Front Shocks

The aircraft quality aluminum billet parts are used throughout each MOTOWOZ shock. High-quality material and precision manufacturing makes MOTOWOZ components incredibly strong compared to some competitors’ stamped or casted parts.Valving is one of the most critical aspects of ATV shock set-up, and Motowoz has developed a unique “velocity sensitive valving,” or VSV system. Using the latest in CAD design software, Motowoz designers developed a piston that has proven to offer a superior performance. Each piston is CNC machined from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum. The piston is then hard anodized for durability, and fitted with precision stamped valve discs. The valve discs used on each piston are specific to a rider’s weight, bike set-up, and riding style. Motwoz valving will react differently to every type of impact the ATV receives. The valves open instantly for fast, big hits, but remain virtually closed on small or slow impacts. This is the effect of VSV technology—only offered through Motowoz

The shock bodies begin with high-quality, honed hydraulic cylinder tubing that is CNC machined. The bodies are then polished and plated for a superior look and full protection from the elements.The fully threaded bodies allow for infinite adjustability, while also utilizing “Stub Acme” threads, which are very resilient to damage.
Motowoz utilizes heavy-duty, alloy over-sized shafts of 5/8 of an inch. All shafts are ground and hard chromed to military specifications. This type of plating is extremely durable and provides a smooth surface for the seals to ride on—extending the life of the seal.
Motowoz, one of the only companies to offer adjustable cross-over rings. This feature allows you to make adjustments without having to remove the shock from the ATV or remove the spring from the shock.The Motowoz way of doing this only takes a few minutes and gives the racer the ultimate in adjustability without being a time consuming process.


  • Utilizes two different types of shaft seals protected by a third seal that acts as a scraper to shield the sealing surfaces.
  • Fade-free and consistent.
  • Compression and Rebound adjusters will make noticeable internal adjustments.
  • Adjustable Cross over rings
  • Velocity Sensitive Valving
You were right about motowoz. They are so plush! I have them on my 2006 yfz450. Was happy with them. Ordered another brand from strong recommendations for my Honda. The new ones are so rough and bouncy compared to the motowoz. Wish Id gone motowoz on Honda (may get them anyway). Good thing is the new company is going to send out new springs and see if that gives me the plush ride and forgiveness I'm looking for. Really made me appreciate the motowoz more than I already did. Thanks for recommending them.

I run front shock open fully in compression and rebound and rear open 14 clicks compression and 8 clicks rebound in the winter when it's cold. Love them.

You hear people talk recommend all different brands. Your recommendation was spot on. I ran the motowoz right out of the box with no adjustments for 6 months.

Great shocks. I got these to go with my JD performance MGC arms and they work perfect. I have never gotten the urge to adjust anything at all. They are super plush when Im riding with the Mrs. but take all the hits I can give them when Im racing. Now I just cant wait to get the rear. The front shocks and steering stabilizer really leave my rear end lacking.
All I can say is WOW ! Jim@ Motowoz knows what he is doing when it comes to building shocks.
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