The ultra-lightweight Factory Series Float® 3 Evol RC2 offers infinite adjustability, dual stage air springs, a dual-speed compression adjuster, a wide-range rebound adjuster and velocity sensitive damping controls that give you the best possible front-end traction and steering performance in every conceivable terrain condition. Once again, Fox updated and refined the performance and appearance, reduced friction and heat through the use of Kashima Coat, revised damping pistons and performance altered internal features to provide a more robust, better performing and smoother running, highly adjustable overall package. Forget about heavy springs and running out of adjuster range, the Float 3 Evol RC2 offers a huge range of adjustments and allows you to set it up for anything from race to trail or dunes. External rebound adjustment allows you to tune the rate the shock returns after compression in order to optimize control in all conditions. New high-flow, high- and low-speed compression adjuster offers an increased adjuster range. Chrome silicon negative spring offers improved stutter bump compliance. Fine-tune roll and turning capabilities with the infinitely adjustable Evol air chamber; regulate spring rate in the final portion of the stroke and control bottoming-out. Infinitely adjustable main air chamber gives a progressive spring rate and provides significant weight savings. Race-proven, velocity-sensitive damping control technology that is custom-tuned for its intended application with different piston flow designs and variable valving specifications. Shed up to 6 lbs. off your ATV when replacing coil spring shocks. Precision manufactured damping pistons for maximized damping consistency and flow characteristics. Aerospace-grade, PTFE-lined spherical bearings maximize durability. Anodized Internal Floating Piston (IFP) and bearing housing prevent oil contamination and boost seal durability and lifespan. Genuine Kashima Coat's distinctive gold color backed by its buttery-smooth, high-performance attributes: exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability. Samurai Sealing System specifically designed from a special low-temperature, highly durable material that scrapes away dirt, mud and debris while keeping the seals lubricated for minimal friction.


Highlighted Features:

  • Samurai sealing system (SSS)
  • Velocity sensitive damping control
  • Made from hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Chrome silicon negative spring
  • Internal floating piston (IFP)
  • Infinite progressive spring rate
  • Easily adjust from a soft trail ride to a firm sport ride
  • Air pressure is infinitely adjustable anywhere from 50 psi to 300 psi, making the float the most progressive and adjustable air shock on the market
  • No springs attached and no tools needed to change plushness
  • Patented air sleeve design allows you to easily adjust the air pressure in the shock
  • Roughly Shaves about 6 lbs vs a convential shock
  • Requires less rebuilds due to the shaft seals that are never exposed to the outside environment
  • Kashima Coated 

Before or after you place the order be sure to inform us what A-Arms you want to use with your Fox Floats X-Evols. You can do this by calling, comment box at the check out, or by e-mailing us at 

So happy with the service from KB. Helped me pick the right product and shipped super fast. Definitely will be coming back for more.
First, awesome customer service! Secondly these shocks were well worth the 3 week build time. The adjustability is easy and quick, paired with houser lt a arms make for an unbeatable pair.
The LSR DC4 A-Arms (Yamaha Candy Red), Fox X Evols, Fox Podium Rear, Brake Lines & clamps, and LSR Axle are amazing products! The red A-Arms matched the 2010 Yamaha Raptor 250 perfectly and look awesome! The Fox Shox work great the ride is smooth and predictable. These additions made the Raptor handle better than most race ready 450s! Very happy with all these products made the bike a lot more fun to ride!
best shocks on the market, endless adjustability and look amazing...these should be your #1 choice
Service was great, you guys had the best price, and the shocks came in a reasonable time frame. I refer a lot of people to you guys when they are looking to purchase Fox's.
Great service A+! I love hearing from Kenneth, and his input is also very helpful. He knows what he is talking about and as a buyer I want to know all the pros and cons of new products. I love Fox Evols, they are the best shocks I have ever used ,hands down! I have not installed my houser nerfs yet, but I will soon. I always look to k+b because you give me very good prices! Thanks for your support
Superior shocks by far! On a raptor paired with Houser LTs and wow! Would never of thought a Raptor 700 could handle a MX track this well. Best shock EVER! Thank you Kenneth!!!
(Ordered the JB Racing Regular LT with Caster upgrade, Fox Floats X Evols , Fox Podium Rear (Generation II) Lone Star DC6 MX Linkage)

Outstanding combination! This was one of many builds we have done with KB Motorsports. We use this system on a championship winning bike for the 2010 season. It handles really well: rought terrain, mx, and big jumps. I would highly recommend this set-up for MX racing, and KB Motorsports is the place to get it from. Kenneth knows what I need and he handles all my specs , weight, class and every details regarding the order and help me out with the set-up. You really need to get the right people taking your orders when you cant afford to lose.
Thanks KB , ill be back
Top of the line shocks in my eyes infinate adjustability, cant go wrong with these
amazing adjustability and super super high performance
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