Elka Stage Legacy Series

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These complete shock packages are ideal for casual and recreational riders looking for a simple, affordable shock upgrade or in need of an OE replacement shock. The Legacy Series kits can improve the comfort, ride compliance and handling beyond what the stock shocks have to offer.

The Legacy Series kits are offered for Sports & Racing ATVs only.


  • Affordable complete shock package
  • Based on our previous-generation technology with steel bodies
  • Good performance upgrade
  • Compatible with most popular aftermarket geometries
  • Standard valving configurations
  • Smoother Ride
  • Reduces Body Roll
  • Better bump compliance
  • Increases resistance to bottoming-out
  • Major improvement in comfort 
  • Better performance than stock shocks



  • 36mm, steel body
  • External reservoirs
  • Compression
  • Rebound adjustment (Optional) 
  • Preload adjustment


  • 46mm, steel body
  • Remote external reservoir
  • Compression adjustment
  • Rebound adjustment
  • Preload adjustment

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