Custom Axis Front Shocks


Custom Axis, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality suspension components and offering the best service in the industry. Serious racers who invest in high performance suspension components know that shock absorbers are crucial components on any winning vehicle. In fact, most mechanics and racers will agree that the shock absorber is the most important part of a suspension system. The goal for Custom Axis racing shocks has been to produce a line of excellence, in quality and performance. Axis shocks were designed exclusively for the tough conditions of ATV racing. Axis dedication to refining and developing new products to meet these demands is why top professional riders count on Axis to win!

Custom Axis shocks are designed and manufactured from the finest materials available, using the latest in CAD/CAM technology. Axis does not use cast or welded parts. Damper bodies are machined from a special smooth burnish ID steel tubing which is then treated with a special surface enhancement process that offers excellent wear and corrosion properties.

Shock eyelet pivots utilize aircraft quality, teflon lined spherical bearings with stainless steel mounting spacers. All aluminum internal and external components are machined from 7075-T6 billet or 6061-T6 tubing and then hard anodized. Hard anodizing provides a durable external finish and prevents contamination of the suspension fluid.

Damping pistons are designed utilizing high flow, low turbulent ports for the higher shaft speeds of today's long travel suspensions.

The compression and rebound adjusters are also designed for high speed shaft displacement, including a stationary damping piston inside the reservoir that can be tuned without affecting low speed damping.

Custom Axis shocks use 5/8" diameter shafts that will handle far more damping loads, without fatigue, than other shock manufacturers.

Axis also used their own race proven suspension fluids to further enhance performance. Axis also uses high quality race springs, including Hyperco.

With over ten years of experience in ATV racing applications, Custom Axis is more than qualified to handle your suspension needs.

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