Lone Star Racing DC-4 A-Arms and Fox Float X Evol Suspension Package


Honda Trx450 Dc-4 Long Travel  
The long travel DC-4 a-arms are +2.5" wider and 1" forward with camber & caster adjustment. They use longer shocks for better valving. The 2006 TRX A-arms are 1/2" narrower and have a plate with a star on the upper a-arm.

Yamaha YFZ450R DC-4 Long Travel
The DC-4 a-arms for the YFZ450 R model are made from 1" 4130 chromoly steel. They are 3/8" wider than stock and have re located shock mounts to accommodate long travel shocks. They feature the new easy adjust caster and camber and come with new tie-rods, ball joints, and bushings. The a-arms are backed by a full lifetime warranty against bending and breaking.

Shock Specs:

Yamaha Raptor 250 Dc-4 Long Travel 
The Raptor 250 dc-4 long travel A-Arms are 3" wider per side and moved 1" forward for better handling. They come with new bushings and ball joints along with the extended tie-rods. Extended brake lines are required. Feature adjustable camber. Shown in candy red.
Shocks Specs:
15.875" Extended Length
9.58" Of Travel

Yamaha Yfz450 Raptor 700 Dc-4 Long Travel 
These A-Arms are 2" wider and 1" forward. They are camber & caster adjustable. They use longer shocks for better valving.

Yamaha Raptor 660 Dc-4 Long Travel
These a-are +3+0 Raptor A-Arms offer greater overall stability, Strength and adjustability. Each arm is made from 4130 chromoly steel with greasable bushings and removable ball joints. Kits come complete with Tie-rods, Ball joints, and bushings.

Suzuki Ltr450 Dc-4 Long Travel
The Dc-4 A-arms are stock width camber & caster adjustable and use longer shocks for better valving.
SHOCK SPECS: 19 1/4" LONG 5 1/4" USABLE SHAFT 11" WHEEL TRAVEL 2.095 TO 1 1 1/2" G.C. WITH 20" TIRE

Suzuki Z400 And Kawasaki Kfx400 Dc-4 Long Travel 
Long Travel A-Arms are designed for the racer in mind. They are fully adjustable for camber and caster and use longer bodied shocks for more adjustability and better valving. The A-arms are 3" wider with 0" forward placement.

Kawasaki KFX450 Dc-4 Long Travel
The DC-4 long travel a-arms feature the use of extended shocks for more stability and better valving as well as feature camber & caster. They are 2" wider and have a 1" forward placement to increase handling.

Polaris Outlaw 525/450 Dc-4 Long Travel,
The long travel a-arms for the Polaris Outlaw 450/525 are 1.25" wider and have 1" forward placement for better handling. A-Arms are caster adjustable and come with ball joints. Shock Specs: 18.75" Extended Length ,5 1/4" Usable shaft travel, 10.75" Wheel travel ,2.05 to 1 Leverage ratio,1.375" Ground Clearance w/ 20" Front tires

Can Am DS450 Long Travel Dc-4

The long travel DC-4 a-arms for the Can Am are +1.5" wider with standard forward placement. They come with new bushings, pivot tubes, and tie-rods but use the stock ball joints. They have camber and caster adjustment through the heim joints on the upper a-arm. A-Arms have a lifetime warranty. Extended brake lines and extended shocks are required.

KTM SX450/SX505

These new lower a-arms for the KTM are made from 4130 chromoly steel and feature a relocated shock mount for better performance. They work with the stock upper a-arm and come complete with ball joints and bushings. Longer shocks are required.
20.125” Long
5.5” usable shaft
1.5” ground clearance
10.5” wheel travel
1.90 to 1 SLR

Make | Model | Width | Year | Extended length | Compressed Length

Honda 250R +3+1 '86-'89 DC-4 19.25" 13.35"
Honda 400EX +3+0 DC-4
18.75" 14"
HondaTRX450 +2+1/+2.5+1 DC-4
20.0" 14.625"
Yamaha RAPTOR 660 +3+0 DC-4
18.25" 13.25"
Yamaha YFZ450/RAPTOR 700 +2+1 DC-4 18.25" 12.75"
Yamaha RAPTOR 250 +3+1 DC-4 15.875" 11.375"
Yamaha YFZ450 R +.375+0 DC-4 20" 14.75"
Suzuki Z400 +3+0 DC-4 18.25" 13.375"
Suzuki LTR450 +.25+.25 DC-4 19.25" 14"
Polaris OUTLAW 525/450/S +1.25+.75F DC-4 18.75” 13.5"
Polaris OUTLAW 525/450/S +2+0F EICHNER 19.25" 13.125"

Kawasaki KFX400 +3+0 DC-4 18.25" 13.375"
Kawasaki KFX450 +2+1 DC-4 19.375" 13.875"
Can-Am DS450 +1.5+0 DC-4 20.375" 14.625"
KTM SX/XC 450/505 +0+0 DC-4 20.125" 14.625"

Fox Float X Evol Specs:

  • Samurai sealing system (SSS)
  • Velocity sensitive damping control
  • Made from hard anodized 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Chrome silicon negative spring
  • Internal floating piston (IFP)
  • Infinite progressive spring rate
  • Easily adjust from a soft trail ride to a firm sport ride
  • Air pressure is infinitely adjustable anywhere from 50 psi to 300 psi, making the float the most progressive and adjustable air shock on the market
  • No springs attached and no tools needed to change plushness
  • Patented air sleeve design allows you to easily adjust the air pressure in the shock
  • Roughly Shaves about 6 lbs vs a convential shock
  • Requires less rebuilds due to the shaft seals that are never exposed to the outside environment

Package Includes:
LSR DC4 lower and upper a-arms (KTM Owners only receive lower a-arms)
Ball Joints
Tie Rods
Fox Float X Evol Front shocks

The LSR DC4 A-Arms (Yamaha Candy Red), Fox X Evols, Fox Podium Rear, Brake Lines & clamps, and LSR Axle are amazing products! The red A-Arms matched the 2010 Yamaha Raptor 250 perfectly and look awesome! The Fox Shox work great; the ride is smooth and predictable. These additions made the Raptor handle better than most race-ready 450s! Very happy with all these products. They made the bike a lot more fun to ride!
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