Houser Racing Pro Series LT Suspension Package


Houser  Racing has designed a product that allows you to quickly set up your ATV to handle whatever terrain you prefer. Not only can you adjust your quad to the environment, but it can easily be adjusted to fit you too! How did Houser Racing engineers do it? Houser designed a high quality product with three things in mind: The terrain, the ATV and YOU.They found that if they created a product to match all three things, then you will ride better than ever before.

Do you want high precision adjustment for your ATV?

Do you want to experience the feel of a perfect match between you and your ATV?

Do you want a high quality product with a warranty to prove it?

Think about Houser Racing, they can make your riding experience even better.

  • Long Travel Shocks Required
  • Maximum Ground Clearance
  • SLICAST Independant Caster Adjustment
  • Lightweight Tubing
  • Gloss Black. Bushings in Uppers, Needle Bearings and Seals in Lowers

Bearing End Break Down

  • One grease zerk which moves the grease from the inside to the outside
  • 2 dust covers with seals
  • 2 needle bearings
  • hardened and ground to size bearing sleeve
  • 2 grease seals
  • 2 hardened thrust washers
  • Houser 1-piece delrin bushing
  • Unsealed dust cover, unless stock dust cover is used

Slicast™ System

  • Positive caster is achieved by rotating the ball joint cam towards the rear of the ATV making the ATV handle better in a straight line, but harder to turn
  • Negative caster is achieved by rotating the ball joint cam towards the front of the ATV making it corner better, but twitchy in a stright line

Adjusitng the slicast™ is done in 3 easy steps:

  • Back off the jam nut in the front of the upper ball joint
  • Pull the Slicast™ piece out 1/8" and rotate it to the desired setting that you want to achieve
  • Re-tighten the jam nut. Yess it is that quick and simple
Great Service, prices and Follow up.
I will buy a again when I build our next race ATV
These a arms are quality. Very solid design. Awesome customer service!!
Absolutely one of the best upgrades to a raptor! What was even better was the customer service! Props Kenneth.
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