(Pre-Order 4-8 months) Houser Pro Bounce Nerf Bars with Heel Guards

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Houser Pro Bounce ATV Nerf Bars with Heel Guard Highlights:

  • Net Heel Guards
  • Large, Covex Foot Pegs with Self-Cleaning Design
  • Suspension Inspired Foot Pegs that improves rider comfort and endurance
  • Large Diameter Aluminum Tubing

Houser released the first Patent Pending " Suspension" Foot Peg. The "Suspension" feature works similar to a swing arm with a rubber isolated pivot point and replaceable cushion ball that is pre-load adjustable.

The Houser Pro Bounce Foot Pegs are made of TIG-welded Chromoly with end caps that are attached with high strength, aircraft-grade rivets, rated at 4,000 pounds of shear strength each. Furthermore, the footpegs feature a large convex design to provide plenty of support. The aggressive teeth on the footpeg will provide superior traction that won't tear apart the sole of your boots.

The Nerf Bars and Heel Guards use nets to help prevent mud build-up while racing. The pegs feature large openings for mud and debris to fall through to maintain maximum grip.


The Houser pro bounce Nerf bars are exceptional. Great fitment and durability. Only issue I have had was the sticker started to peel on one of them. I called Houser and they sent me out a new set of stickers. Very happy with the product and KB Motorsports for the best price and fast order processing. Would recommend to anyone.
These are amazing Nerf Bars! They look great and are super strong. The bounce is truly functional and helps take some of the beating from your knees. The pegs do sit a little higher than most so it takes some getting used to. The color powder coat seems to dull quickly. At least the parts are easy to take off to get the color re-done. All in all great product. Get them from KB Motorsports. They are the only ones that have them on sale and they have great communication!
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