Houser EZ-Lift Grab Bars


Houser Racing has done it again....taken something ordinary and made it innovative! Houser Racing has started manufacturing an Aluminum Product Line. First to hit the shelves is the EZ-Lift Rear Grab Bar. Adding Houser Racing's EZ-Lift Grab Bar to the back of your ATV is inexpensive, yet a beneficial upgrade to your ride! This grab bar isn't just for looks, it gives you an advantage over the competition! Houser Racing's EZ-Lift design makes moving the ATV around much easier. Whether you are getting your ATV out of the mud, moving it around the shop, or trying to get it in and out of the back of your pick-up, our lowered design will make it easier on you. The EZ-Lift grab bar has a lower height than stock allowing the rider to have better leverage to lift the ATV. It's great for all types of applications!

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