DMC Edition Bilstein Shocks


The Biltein 6100 Mini Magnum shock with Eibach Spring Package is by far one of the most proven shock in off-road racing history. The patented valving technology in the Bilstein has never been replicated or matched by any other manufacturer to date. The shock senses varying terrain with ease (DMC likes to call it a smart shock).  Bilstein was the first to completely separate the Nitrogen gas and oil making for the most consistent and coolest running shock on the market.  Bilstein has the reputation of only using the finest raw materials in their shocks and they are built right here in the United States.  The shocks are valved to DMC's specs and work for a typical set up with an aftermarket cage, doors / side panels, front/rear bumper, and between 350 to 450lbs of passenger and accessory weight combined..

Bilstein Features:

  • Plush Ride
  • Full Use of Available Travel
  • Seemless Operation In All Terrain
  • No Bucking

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