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All-inclusive 5-piece modular system consisting of the top, windshield, back, and doors. This cab features upgraded materials, the all-season modular system, tubular-magnetic closing doors and many more. It is truly the cab for all seasons!

Upgraded Materials- The enclosure is made of Tarpaulin material. Tarpaulin is a heavy-duty, waterproof, fade, mold, and abrasion resistant fabric that is up to 5x stronger than polyester. The windshield and windows are made from a heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl that gives you greater optical clarity, durability and performance.
All-season Modular System- The 5-piece modular system allows you to add and take-away pieces of the enclosure to match any season. Keep all 5 pieces connected for that cool fall and winter air. Take away the doors and the windshield to provide shade and airflow on those hot summer days!
Flow-through Air System- Strategically-placed air-flow channels have been designed in the cab enclosure to maintain air pressure in the cab which eliminates dust build-up within the cab while driving and makes the ride much more comfortable.
Tubular Frame Doors- The tubular frames that run the perimeter of the doors add stability and rigidity when opening, closing, and riding in the UTV. Magnets have been placed in strategic locations, which lock the door tight while riding, but make it very easy to get in and out of the machine. 
Top & Rain Gutter- It's very important to eliminate water fom collection on the top of the cab and water running down into the cab in a downpour! We have designed a frame that disperses water and allows for the water to run off the edges. Once the water begins running to the edges it is directed to the back of the cab by the ATV TEK exclusive rain gutter
Tightening Straps- It's critical to have the windshield stretched tightly for great visibility while driving down the trail. We have integrated tightening straps that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the tightness of the windshield while out in the field.

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