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Procom Engineering ECU

List price: $299.95
You save: $70.00 (23%)

ProCom ECU's offers full control over the fuel delievery, iginition timing map, and RPM Limit. 

  • Simply locate and remove the stock ECU, and plug the Procom unit directly into the wiring harness.
  • Adjustments are possible between +80%/-30% of the stock fuel map, and +32/-10 degrees of ignition timing at various RPM points so you can make any custom map you would like.

  •  Simply plug in the ECU into your computer USB port, and use the included software to adjust to your heart's desire. If you  feel you want to start from stock again it only takes a few mouse clicks to return the unit to factory condition.
  • Suitable for stock and modified machines.
  • PROCOM offers a 1 year warranty

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