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Dynatek Fusion Fuel and Ignition Controller

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Product Overview

Available for most Harley-Davidson, Sportbike, Metric Cruiser, and Off Road vehicles, the New Dynatek Fusion EFI uses RPM and throttle position inputs to base fuel adjustments on. In some cases additional inputs can be used such as cylinder head or water temperature as well as gear position or boost.

The Fusion EFI has 250 rpm resolution and 10 throttle position columns giving you up to 640 individual mapping points for fuel and an equal number for ignition timing (if ignition equipped). This is the kind of “point specific” adjustability that is necessary with today’s bikes and the parts that are available for them.


Standard Features

The Fusion EFI is packed with features that will enhance your vehicle's performance.

  • USB powered from computer
  • 2 position map switching function built in - (map switch not included)
  • Gear position - (allows for map adjustment based on gear)
  • 10 throttle position columns
  • Built in Quick Shifter Adjustability - (adjustable per gear sensor and shift rods not included)
  • Enhanced “accel pump” utility
  • “Warm Up” fuel adjustment - (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel adjustments based on it)
  • Individual cylinder mapping
  • Analog input - (allows user to use any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost)


Greater Control over Fuel Delivery and Spark Advance Adjustments

For select single and twin cylinder engines, fuel delivery and spark advance adjustments can now be made with the NEW Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel AND Ignition control*. Experience the best of both worlds! Another feature of the Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition is the ability to use any TWO of these functions at the same time: Map Switch, Quick Shifter, Pit Lane Speed Limiter, and Launch Control.

  • Allows +/-20 degrees of timing adjustment
  • Adjust timing per cylinder
  • Adjust timing per gear
  • Raise your Rev Limit (only available on select models)
  • Adjust timing based on temperature or boost inputs)
  • Built In Launch Limiter
  • Gear Position Timing
  • Boost/Nitrous Retard Timing
  • Pit Lane Limiter


Optional Dynatune

The DynaTune kit monitors the fuel mixture (by installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor(s) in the exhaust). It then sends this information to the Dynatek Control Module and automatically corrects it as you ride, letting you feel the changes as they happen. Each map that we offer has preset Air/Fuel ratio target values included that we find to be the best overall settings.

This lets you simply plug in the unit and let it do the work. For advanced users who would like to change the Air/Fuel ratios from our baseline, they are fully adjustable. Each throttle opening/rpm combination is individually adjustable, so that you can have both fuel economy, during cruise, while maintaining peak output at larger throttle openings. For most models of bikes it is also possible to adjust the Air/Fuel ratios "per gear". make adjustments.

This gives you total control of the fueling in every gear and throttle/rpm area if required. The DynaTune kit can be configured to run and make adjustments at all times or by using the "map switch port" on the Dynatek Control Module you can set it up so that you can switch back and forth between the tuning mode and the base map settings. You can also configure the DynaTune kit to wait until the bike is at a certain operating temperature before beginning to make adjustments.

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