HMF Quiet Race Series Slip-On Exhaust


The original quiet race exhaust, the HMF Quiet Race Series features an internal mechanical core that controls sound pulses and manages them to a minimum. With race sound regulations becoming stricter, every serious racer needs to consider the dB level of their exhaust. The Quiet Race Series’s core will help you meet sound regulations in most restricted riding areas. 

The Quiet Race Series distributes power evenly throughout the entire RPM range. 

The Quiet Race Series typically is 2-6 dB over the stock system. 

The Quiet Race uses a mechanical core to control exhaust pulses and set power levels where they’re needed. 

The exhaust shell is made of T6061 Aluminum that weighs substantially less than stock.

Designed to meet the demands of the competitive race. Moderate sound increase from chambered core while maintaining smooth powerband. Promises great power and torque increase while maintaining mid legal race dB level. Quiet performance pipes are the future of ATVs and HMF is on the forefront of sound technology

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