Dr. D Stainless Steel Complete Exhaust System

List price: $645.95
You save: $166.95 (26%)

Fits perfectly using all the stock hardware; mounts up in just minutes with out springs .Bottom-end pulls super strong and carries over to a very meaty mid-range. You can really feel a difference in third and fourth gear as you can carry both gears longer with less clutch action. The power curve allows you to use the torque; you can lug the bike much longer. Top -end power is solid, but the most noticable change is in the bottom and middle rpm range. Style S/A comes with a Spark Arrestor and Race does not.


- Meets all USFS requirements
- Includes a stainless aluminum muffler & head pipe
- Spark arrestor screen can be added or removed in only minutes via the removable end-cap.

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