Rekluse Z-Start


The Rekluse z-Start Clutch is a retrofit automatic clutch. It works using centrifugal force to automatically and smoothly engage the clutch just by using the throttle. The z-Start manages the clutch function so the rider can focus on riding and having more fun.

What is included with the z-Start Clutch?
The main portion of the z-Start is the clutch assembly. The clutch assembly consists of a lower assembly that bolts directly to the bike’s center clutch. The ball-ramp pressure plate with balls and a top plate then mounts to the lower assembly.  The z-Start Clutch includes a throw-out assembly to allow the auto-clutch to be disengaged.  There also a set of steel drive plates to enable adjustment of the clutch pack height. There is usually a thicker gasket to provide some additional clearance for the z-Start. Everything except basic tools and two sets of feeler gauges are provided in the kit to complete the installation.

What is the z-Start made from?
The z-Start Clutch is made from the highest quality billet 6061-T6 aluminum and billet 4140 steel, precision CNC machined to tolerances of .001" (that's one one-thousandth of an inch).

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