Houser Racing Slicast Long Travel A-Arms


Bearing End Break Down

  • One grease zerk which moves the grease from the inside to the outside
  • 2 dust covers with seals
  • 2 needle bearings
  • hardened and ground to size bearing sleeve
  • 2 grease seals
  • 2 hardened thrust washers
  • Houser 1-piece delrin bushing
  • Unsealed dust cover, unless stock dust cover is used

Slicast™ System

  • Positive caster is achieved by rotating the ball joint cam towards the rear of the ATV making the ATV handle better in a straight line, but harder to turn
  • Negative caster is achieved by rotating the ball joint cam towards the front of the ATV making it corner better, but twitchy in a stright line

Adjusitng the slicast™ is done in 3 easy steps:

  • Back off the jam nut in the front of the upper ball joint
  • Pull the Slicast™ piece out 1/8" and rotate it to the desired setting that you want to achieve
  • Re-tighten the jam nut. Yess it is that quick and simple
I run these babies with a set of fox evol shocks to compliment the setup. Effortless camber adjustment with the slicast feature. Excellent choice for riders who like massive air. I also trust the company. Houser racing has excellent customer service and will refurbish any of their A-Arms for a reasonable fee.
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